Pre - Treatment Chemicals
  ASCLEAN - Soak Cleaner, Electrolytic Cleaner for Metals
  ASPREP - Pretreatment for Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys
  ASVATE - Acid Pickling Salt
  ASPOP - Pretreatment Processes for Plating On Plastics
Electro-Plating Brighteners/Additives
  ASBRITE - Alkaline Zinc Plating
  ASLITE - Acid Zinc Plating
  ASNITE - Cyanide Zinc Plating
  ASCOP - Copper Plating (Cyanide & Acid)
  ASNICK - Nickel Plating (SB, HS, Bright, Black, Satin & Low-
  ASCROM - Chrome Plating (Hexavalent, Trivalent & Hard Chrome)
Electroless Plating
  ASPLATE - Electroless Nickel Processes (RoHS and Non-RoHS)
Post–Treatment Chemicals
   ASPASS - Trivalent Passivate On Zinc
  ASCOAT - Sealant On Zinc
  ASTRIP - Strippers
  Special Products and etc.    
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Services & Technical Support
     Consultative Support to Existing, New and Potential
  Joint-Development with Customers on New
Requirements and Applications
    Design, Propose and Recommend on Plating Sequence
and Processes
    On Site Support on New Make Up and Process
    Product Training and Guidelines on
Bath Control and Maintenance
    Analytical Support on Plating Solutions and
Plated Finishes
    On Time Trouble Shooting, Bath Treatments and
Problem Solving
    Introduction of New Products to Meet
New Requirements